What's new in 2022 P1 registration

09 September 2021

Once again, MOE has made changes to the registration framework.

Starting from 2022 P1 registration, these are the (good) changes.

1. Phase 2C Reserve 40 places

This is an increase from 20 to 40 places. 👏🏻

2. Merge Phase 2A(1) and 2A(2)

At last, two of the hardest to understand numberings are now no more. The new Phase 2A will be regardless of Alumni (simply paying membership) and former students (non-paying). It also includes parents who are school staff, management committee, and child who is in the MOE kindergarten near the school.

If there is any remaining vacancy, 1/3 will go to 2B and 2/3 will go to 2C.

3. Update Home-School Distance

The old way uses a single point in the school to draw the 1km/2km radius.

The new way uses the boundary of the school, including updates to the school layout. This will effectively draw a bigger 1km/2km radius.

Mock 2021 based on 2022

Refer to this page on how we mock the 2021 results.