Mock 2021 results with 2022 framework

09 September 2021

The new 2022 P1 registration framework has 3 big changes. That change the game quite a bit.

To get a taste of what could happen in 2022, refer to our MOCK 2021 results.

Check MOCK 2021 Results

The Effects

Comparing the mock with the ACTUAL 2021 results, you will note some differences.

  • Phase 2A: Alumni/Former students take up lesser places (up to 20 lesser)
  • Phase 2B: PV has even higher oversubscription due to less vacancy available from 2A
  • Phase 2C: At most 20 more vacancy, but will also have more applicants (why? see our assumptions)

Assumptions we made

In order to create this mock results, beware that we have made the following assumptions:

  • If parents didn’t get a place in 2A or 2B because of the new changes, they will apply in 2C
  • No change in strategy; select same school in same phase no matter old or new framework
  • Not accounting for the slightly larger 1km/2km radius

This mock is our best guess.