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👋 Hi parents.

This website will update live when the 2021 Primary 1 Registration starts on Jun 30 (Phase 1 starts). Take note of the key dates for the phases.

2021 registration exercise is for children born in 2015. To be precise, it is between 2-Jan-2015 and 1-Jan-2016 (both dates inclusive). If you’re involved, you’ll want to join the MOE mailing list.

Refer to the last 12 years of ballot history to prepare for the big exercise 🧐

What happened in 2020?

2021 will be very similar to 2020, because the number of children born is very similar (37,967 in 2014 vs 37,861 in 2015).

As such you will want to refer to the 2020 results very closely, together with our one-off analysis as the phases progress: