Number of children registering P1 in 2020

24 July 2020

This is the extracted numbers of live birth from, comprising of both Citizens and PR.

Born in Register in Children born Vacancies
2012 2018 38,641 41,820
2013 2019 35,681 39,058
2014 2020 37,967 41,888
2015 2021 37,861 -

P1 registration in 2020 is for children born in 2014. That is the year of the horse, and there are 37,967 such children. That is:

  • 6% more than children born in 2013 (year of the snake)
  • 2% less than 2012 (year of the DRAGON)

Next year P1 registration, there are 37,861 children born in 2015 – Year of the sheep, and also SG50 babies.


Vacancies are adjusted accordingly.

But 2020 has around the same vacancies as 2018, though the number of children is 2% lower.

We expect the number of vacancies for 2021 P1 registration to be largely the same as 2020 – a nice number 41,888.

Ratio of Citizens to PR provides live birth of only residents, without further breakdown into Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PR).

However, SingStat has a breakdown for population. It is for the total population, not live birth, for each year.

Using the recent years, a rough estimate is that for every 100 residents:

  • 86 are Citizens
  • 14 are PR

In 2015, there are 37,861 resident children born. That would roughly be 86% = 32,560 Singapore citizen children. As we all know, the registration phases is advantageous to citizens.