No change in P1 registration framework for 2021

08 April 2021

From the Budget Debate of March 2021:

So I agree with Mr Patrick Tay and Mr Shawn Huang that we should try to increase the number of places set aside under Phase 2C. This is the open phase for those who do not enjoy any form of priority admissions, and is therefore based on home-school distance.

MOE is reviewing the current Primary 1 registration framework.

It is likely they will increase the number of places in Phase 2C from the current allocation of 20 places. This sounds like a good change since 2C is open to everyone, hence the only advantage is home distance to school.

But this will not affect the 2021 P1 registration.

So no change for the upcoming registration. still 20 each allocated for 2B and 2C. Read about the phases.