NEW: Secondary Schools Cut-Off Point

16 October 2023

We have added Secondary schools Cut-Off Point (COP) for shortlisting schools for upcoming S1 Exercise.

The COP is based on PSLE AL score in 2022, for the students admitted in 2023. Usually, the COP is accurate to +/- 1 AL point.

As usual, we have created easy-to-read tables, and you can see all 148 schools at a glance, or browse by the regions.

For example, this is for Ang Mo Kio.

Secondary Schools in Ang Mo Kio

You might have noticed – we have sorted the table by the school academic ranking. While MOE de-emphasize ranking, it is nonetheless easier to find the AL range that is applicable for selection.

We hope this will be useful for parents and P6 children, just like how our ballot history has been a vital source for primary school selection.