What are GEP schools?

05 May 2023

GEP stands for Gifted Education Programme. It is designed for intellectually gifted students. As regular curriculum is insufficient to meet the gifted needs, GEP is created to provide them with a more challenging, and enriched, curriculum.

The curriculum is enriched, not accelerated. That means it is built on the regular curriculum, but extending beyond the basics, requiring more higher level thinking, and providing more opportunities for experiential learning.

How to enroll in GEP?

The school will inform Primary 3 students on the GEP screening test, which will be held in August. Typically all P3 will take the test, unless opted out. This is the 1st test, comprising of 2 papers:

  1. English (1.5h)
  2. Math (1.5h)

Students who passed the 1st test will be invited to the GEP selection test in October. They will have to sit for the 2nd test with 4 papers, over 2 days:

  1. English (1.5h)
  2. General Ability (English) (1h)
  3. Math (1.5h)
  4. General Ability (Math) (1h)

The General Ability papers are kind of like IQ tests, where students have to identify patterns and solve non-standard puzzles.

By November, you will receive the results. If selected, big congratulation 🎉 as you are the top 1% in your cohort! You can join the GEP and transfer to one of the 9 GEP schools in the following year. Refer to MOE website for the exact key dates.

What are the GEP Primary Schools?

There are 9 GEP schools.

School Area
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) Novena
Catholic High School Bishan
Henry Park Primary School Bukit Timah
Nan Hua Primary School Clementi
Nanyang Primary School Bukit Timah
Raffles Girls’ Primary School Bukit Timah
Rosyth School Serangoon
St. Hilda’s Primary School Tampines
Tao Nan School Marine Parade

Note that there is no longer any GEP secondary schools, as most of them became IP schools with their own programme under School-Based Gifted Education (SBGE).

How to prepare for GEP?

MOE does not encourage students from preparing for the tests.

However, it will be absurd to sit for a test without knowing what you will be tested for. Minimally, understand what kind of questions will be in the tests.

The math tests will be problem solving questions based on pattern recognition, geometric shapes, spatial visualization etc.

The english tests will require strong vocabulary, good reasoning and logical deduction.

You can prepare your child with games such as sudoku, chess, go, crosswords, scrabble, etc.

There are no past year papers, but many enrichment centres have come up with GEP exercises and mock exams. We do NOT endorse any of them. But they are good reference, and these are from Think Academy:

And of course, read lots of books.