Key dates for 2024 P1 Registration

16 May 2024

Phase Start End
1 Jul 2 (Tue), 9am Jul 4 (Thu), 4.30pm
2A Jul 11 (Thu), 9am Jul 12 (Fri), 4.30pm
2B Jul 22 (Mon), 9am Jul 23 (Tue), 4.30pm
2C Jul 30 (Tue), 9am Aug 1 (Thu), 4.30pm
2C(S) Aug 15 (Thu), 9am Aug 16 (Fri), 4.30pm

Confused what phase for who? Refer to this guide.

How to register?

When it is your turn, go to MOE website, and the button will be enabled for you to proceed with the online registration.