Home Address

We are all well-aware that home-school distance is very important when it comes to balloting. What is least understood is what/whose address can be used, and the requirement to using one.

Required to stay 30 months

The child is required to stay in the registered address 30 months (2.5 years) AFTER the P1 registration exercise. As the P1 registration will happen in July, that works out to be the whole of P1 and P2 (as well as at the point of P1 registration). In P3 and later, you’re fine to move.

Do note this requirement is only imposed if your child is admitted due to the home-school distance priority; if there is no balloting, then entry into the school is not because of the address, then you’re not restricted.

If you move within the 30-months, you are restricted to the home-distance category priority you’ve received. Eg. If the priority group is within 1km, you can move to only properties within 1km.

What if can’t stay for 30 months?

MOE has and will transfer the child to another school with vacancies, as the priority admission to the first school was based on the declared address used for registration.

How and when they check 🤷🏻‍♂️

MOE is also willing to compromise under certain circumstances such as severe economic hardship or matrimonial disputes that necessitates the move.

Can I use caregiver/grandparent address?

Yes, you can use a caregiver address if:

  1. You and your spouse are both working full-time
  2. Your child is under the care of a grandparent or a parent’s sibling

You have to make a declaration during the P1 registration. Only 1 parent has to do the declaration.

What if parents’ addresses are different?

Only 1 parent residential address on the NRIC needs to be used for registration.

Can I rent?

Yes, you can lease and use a leased address. You can even lease only 1 bedroom. As long as you can produce an address and live for 30 months, you can use it.

Can I buy a new launch?

Yes, you can purchase a new launch project that is still under construction. You must produce the relevant documents to the school during the phase.

  • HDB: Agreement For Lease
  • Private: Sales & Purchase agreement

The vacant or delivery possession date of the new property you are moving in must be within 2 years of your child’s entry into P1.

For example, if your child starts P1 in Jan 2025, then the TOP should be latest Dec 2026. However, you can appeal to MOE if the TOP is not too far off, especially since TOP is just an estimate – it can be completed earlier.

The 30 months requirement starts from your move in date.

What about a resale?

If you’ve bought a resale and the transaction is still in progress, you can submit these:

  • HDB: resale flat status
  • Private: exercised Option-To-Purchase (OTP) and buyer’s Stamp Duty Certificate

You must move in by the start of your child’s P1 admission year. The 30 months starts from the P1 admission year.